Age of War Vs Dark Omen Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Age of War
    • Dark Omen
    • Gameplay
    • Developed by Reiner Knizia, this is a fast-paced game that is based on a Japanese theme. It has interesting gameplay that is free of complexities and can be completed with a short time. The game has 14 castles each with a unique color based on their clans. A player will get to roll a set of seven dices and the outcome will decide the castle he has to acquire. All the faces of the dices have symbols painted on them and one or more battle lines in the castles bear the same symbols. The player will have to roll his dice until the castle is acquired completely or his dice pool is over. Finally, when no central pool of castles is left, the total of the castles is counted and the player with the highest points is considered the winner.
    • Dark Omen is a game that takes place in the fictional empire called Warhammer. The game is based on the plot that the undead have come back to capture the land. It is captain Bernhardt's responsibility to handle the attack. He faces several tough battles. These battles leading up to the Ultimate Challenge against the Dread King. This happens at the gates of the black pyramid. The missions and battles test your skills while the game environment transports you to a different world.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • Moderately good. The sound quality of this video game is good and eliminates distortion. Well-defined visuals can be enjoyed by the players with top-quality graphics drivers loaded in it.
    • Moderate. Graphics are a bit messy. And, the stories are engaging as well. Without proper acceleration, graphics not of good quality. Sound comes out as bursts at times.
    • Learning Curve
    • The game has simple controls(mostly the mouse is used for actions). One can easily get a hang of it.
    • Moderate. Graphics are a bit messy. And, the stories are engaging as well. Without proper acceleration, graphics not of good quality. Sound comes out as bursts at times.
    • Who play The Game
    • Suitable for children across ages who love strategy games
    • RTS and RPG gamers. Suitable for children in their pre-teens, teenage and anyone who likes tactical games
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Both
    • You can play the game on desktop and PlayStation.
    • Devices/OS
    • The game can be played online. Owing to its popularity, the corresponding mobile apps have also been released.
    • Windows, PlayStation
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • This game has been downloaded by more than 10 million gamers worldwide and the maximum numbers of them are still active on it.
    • Overall
    • In this game, each age signifies a period in the evolution of man. Initially, you start the game as a caveman. As you gain experience, you move to the next age. The five ages take you through different stages of evolution of mankind. Thus, it is an interesting game for children. The gold that you earn from defeating your enemy can be used to spawn additional units, upgrade your unit, base, or towers. The player must decide on how to effectively use the reward. The game enhances our ability to strategize and make decisions independently.

    • With Dark Omen, the developers introduced significant changes as compared to its prequel. The upgrades and improvements made the game all the more popular. 3D terrains were newly introduced. The interface was also greatly improved. For example, even when other units are not shown on the player’s screen, there are HUD indicators to guide you with the friendly and enemy units around. The multiplayer mode was also a new feature. One motivating feature of the game is, whether you lose or win, you are bestowed with a purse of money at the end of each game. You can use it to prepare for your next match.

  • Should You Play Age of War?

    If you like challenges then you should go for Age of War. This game will allow you to battle enemies and defend your civilization. Start your game as a Caveman and then with correct strategies and planning move forward in the journey to become a great emperor with a powerful army. Overcome different territories to extend your domain and become the most powerful ruler. You will go from the Stone Age to the Middle Age while playing this game. In the Middle Age as an emperor, you will have a mission to reach your enemies’ base and destroy it with the help of an army. This game is compatible with all browsers and the software is free to download. You can also play it on multiple platforms like Android or iOS.
  • Should You Play Dark Omen?

    In Dark Omen, you will protect the nobel people of your country. You have to participate in a variety of battles which are a mixture of medieval wars and fantasy elements. You will also be offered other options like artillery, wizards, infantry, cavalry, and other specialized units. You can kill all your enemies who pass your path and conquer their lands. During the game, you will receive different magic items that will help you to fight against your enemies. You can cast spells after you obtain enough magical powers. You will compete with different players online in this game. Make your troop by using the various options available in the game and win the battle.

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