Dragon Awaken Vs MapleStory 2 Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Dragon Awaken
    • MapleStory 2
    • Gameplay
    • The game is set in a thrilling high-fantasy environment. The storyline of the game goes like this. You are a warrior who attacks the dragon's lair. You finally transform into a dragon knight who possesses all the powers of the dragon. The game is filled with mythical characters that you can explore. As a dragon knight, you now need to explore the dungeons, escape the enemies, and defeat the army. Employ the best strategies so that you can upgrade your character.
    • MapleStory2 is a sequel of the game MapleStory. Thus, it contains some elements of the prequel. But it is different from the first version in many ways. It is an MMORPG game set in a 3D block universe setting. The game’s storyline is about the events that happened before MapleStory. 3 sages residing in Lapenta balance life, time, and space in the world. An attack by the Dark Forces disturbs this balance putting the world in danger.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • The 3D rendering engine is used to provide high-quality graphics. The sounds are pretty good too.
    • The graphics drivers are great that give the perfect vision of the 3D characters. Good quality of sound drivers is used that soothe the ears.
    • Learning Curve
    • One can quickly get accustomed to the controls. This is a good reason for beginners to try the game. You do not have to memorize a whole lot of controls. Just start playing and enjoy the game!
    • The graphics drivers are great that give the perfect vision of the 3D characters. Good quality of sound drivers is used that soothe the ears.
    • Who play The Game
    • Any gamer interested in role-playing and fantasy-themed games.
    • All fans of MMORPG games
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • It is a browser-based game to be played on your desktop.
    • Desktop
    • Devices/OS
    • Meant to be played on PCs.
    • The game was supported on all Windows systems.
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • There are more than 5,623,213 players worldwide playing this game.
    • MapleStory 2 has more than one million subscribers at present and the number is increasing daily at a good pace.
    • Overall
    • The game is easily accessible. You do not have to even download the game. Since it is a browser-based game, simply log in and start enjoying the game! Also, it is a free game and there are no downloads as well! Add to that the high-quality graphics that make the game an enjoyable experience. You now want to try it at least one!

    • In the game, the players have the utmost autonomy. They could create their levels and share them with the other players. Their houses could also be customized. Apart from this, the players would raid and take on mushrooms in the battle. Another exciting feature was the battle royal game mode. Despite all of this, the game, unfortunately, could not make a mark. Since it was not as popular as the first version of the game, the franchise had no option but to shut the game down. Thus, within 2 years of its release, MapleStory2 had to be shut down.

  • Should You Play Dragon Awaken?

    If you like thriller fantasy games then Dragon Awaken is the best game for you. In this game, you will be a warrior who will attack the dragon’s lair. You will play as a dragon knight who will have all the powers of a dragon. You can explore various mythical characters. You will be a dragon knight in this game and explore various dungeons, escape enemies, and defeat armies. In this game, your commander will order you to attack a dragon lair. However, in the journey, you will end up possessing the superpowers of a dragon in this game and become a legendry dragon knight. All you need to know is to master and control your powers.
  • Should You Play MapleStory 2?

    You will enjoy the utmost autonomy in MapleStory 2. You can modify the characters in the game in many ways. You will get a large number of supervisors to fight the game with. You can purchase garments from the money shop. If you do not like the purchased outfit then you can customize the outfit according to your choice in the Maple Workshop. You can structure everything from outfits to rigging dream homes according to your choice. You can create your levels and share them with other players. You can also customize houses in this game. The game’s storyline in this game is before the MapleStory. You will also raid and take on the mushrooms in this battle.

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