Raid: Shadow Legends Vs Skyforge Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Raid: Shadow Legends
    • Skyforge
    • Gameplay
    • Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based fantasy role-playing game with a wonderful storyline. Going with the generic predictions. As most of the RPG games, players have to choose a warrior characters and fight the evil forces. During the game players grow their armies, build castles and dungeons and join others in order to survive and prosperous.
    • The name of the game signifies the fictional world you are in – Skyforge. The player is an immortal in Skyforge. The game starts with a class to help beginners. There are combat guides, tutorials, and training. You can choose one of the 17 classes and move back and forth later based on your achievements. The game revolves around the players' combat missions on the planet of Aelion.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • Sounds is ok. Graphics is amazing
    • There are several scenic locations in Aelion. The graphics and sounds are excellent!
    • Learning Curve
    • -
    • There are several scenic locations in Aelion. The graphics and sounds are excellent!
    • Who play The Game
    • Mostly RPG and RTS Gamers (more males born than females)
    • MMORPG fans of all ages.
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Desktop and Mobile
    • Desktop
    • Devices/OS
    • Browser game and iOS and Android mobile apps
    • The game can be played from Windows systems, PS4 and Xbox One
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • 5M-10M
    • This game has over 420,000 players engaged to it who are active on the platform regularly. The number of subscribers is increasing rapidly with more new updates from the developers of Skyforge.
    • Overall
    • Raid is a super game in terms of browsers game and a very good one as mobile as well. Graphics are great the storyline is wonderful. RPG fans will love it. Excellent free-to-play game is here!

    • Skyforge is a free-to-play game. Thus, there are no upfront costs involved. The most striking feature of the game has to be the graphics. Each location has been made to look so realistic. This is because the developers themselves have built a custom engine for the game. The game is nothing short of an adventurous ride! You are put in a world of sci-fi and fantasy. Thus, if you are a sci-fi fan, you will love the game to the core! Each class in the game has a purpose. You can switch between the classes as you unlock new achievements. Overall, it is a game worth a try.

  • Should You Play Raid: Shadow Legends?

    In Raid:Shadow Legends, you will collect a large number of characters. You have to train these players and use them to win the deadly battles. You will be able to use many gears available in the game. The game has many levels and as the players play these levels, they get access to more features. You can play different modes that include various forms of raids and a PvP mode. Each hero has different types of abilities and the players should use them according to the strength of the enemy. The game has a superb quality of graphics that makes the game even more fun to play. The players who love to play gacha RPG should give this game a try.
  • Should You Play Skyforge?

    Skyforge game presents the fictional world of Skyforge. The player in this game is immortal. There is a class at the beginning of the game to help people. There are many tutorials, guides, and combat training for people. The game revolves around the combat missions of the players on the planet of Aelion. There are many scenic locations in the game. The graphics and sound of this game are excellent. You can play this game on Xbox, Windows, and PS4. All the locations of this game seem realistic. This game is a blend of science fiction and fantasy. This game is like an adventurous ride. All the classes of this game have different features and you can switch between the classes as you unlock new achievements.

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